Art in a New Form

Makeup is an artform. Although some people do light makeup day to day; there are makeup artists and influencers that think out of the box and create looks you could never imagine!

Many makeup artists and influencers received the love and support for their art form thanks to 15 second videos on Tik Tok. With the “Tik Tok audience” a lot of the more out of the box and creative ideas within the makeup world get the most attention. For example, @meredithduxbury on Tik Tok who is known for smearing “too much foundation” on her face and making a beautiful glamorous look with it.

Makeup artists like Meredith have influenced younger girls and boys to think out of the box and truly express themselves through their makeup. Many young girls that have found a love for the artistic side of makeup have even gotten to the point where they are being paid for product reviews and using certain brands in their videos.

The MUA (makeup artist) community has welcomed many young minds to express their creativity and given them opportunities to make a living out of something that they love to do.

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