Qatar World Cup 2022

Photo by Caio on

The World Cup is less than a month away… as we approach, the nerves and tension build up. Many fans are excited about this worldwide beautiful event and some are not, some national squads are coming in hot while others are kind of struggling. This World Cup would be taken place in the country of Qatar. Brazil are leading the way with 5 title wins and Italy and Germany are just behind with 4.

This World Cup will be very special, Lionel Messi could become the player with most games played in the world cup if he reaches all the way to the final (26), while Cristiano Ronaldo could become the only player that was scored in more world cups (5). Now… the two greatest players of all time don’t have it so easy, but the question still stand… will Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo finally get their hands on the trophy?

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