School Spirit

School spirit, not everyone has but is it important have. There are very split mindset to this topic a handful are either it is important and a handful say its not important. Me personally I believe to have school spirit is important in many aspects. School spirit could make your school-year more fun and make new friends, it also can make you more involved in your school and what happens. With school spirit you can join more clubs and help host more event. Clubs you can join are student council, Sophomore Junior and Senior SGA. These clubs are pretty similar students council focuses on event and ideas for all grades. Sophomore Junior and Senior SGA focuses on events for their grade and for the school but each one is run by that certain class. This clubs are fun to be apart of you make great memorioes and new friends and get to be apart of something that makes an impact on a lot of peoples school year.

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How to increase or show your school spirit, a few people have school spirit but would like to have more. A few ways you could get more school spirit is going to games cheering for your team going to events and wearing your clothes that have your schools mascot. These will increase your school and people will notice it. Another thing you could do is post when the games are and post your schools wins. All of this is a great way to show your school spirit. This could also positively impact your school year by making it into the year book more times and making more friends.

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