The Beauty of Painting

By: Trevon Cunningham

In painting there’s a lot of different techniques used when painting pictures. Like the different type of brush strokes, the count of the brush strokes, and most important the quality of the paint. If you have bad quality paint it can really affect the detail, and vibrance of the whole painting. When painting there are many different types of paint used for types of painting. Like some use oil paints, others use pastel for specific styles of art. When painting it becomes a rhythmic trans, that compels people. It can blind viewers with its beauty or confuse them with it’s randomness.

Painting is a strong way for people to express themselves, by either painting they’re anger, love, or even their confusion. Painting is a delicate art that leaves little room for mistakes but even then those mistakes can be used and turned into something beautiful. Art is a time consuming thing that takes patience and delicate handling. And it is one of the most captivating things on this planet created by people. To think that something so beautiful could be produced just from liquid colors. And to think about the true beauty of it all really makes me wonder about why people cherish it so much.

Photo by Anna Shvets on

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