Mrs. Brown

Mrs. Brown is one of the most inspirational teachers I have had. Many students have been lucky enough to learn from Mrs. Brown. From what I have learned about Mrs. Brown is that she always makes sure that everyone feels included and has a say in everything. When it comes to a class decision she makes sure that everyone is heard and that everyones opinions are validated. She is always calm and so patient. I have only experienced her yearbook class and I love every second of it. It can all be used in real world problems. She has a very unique way of teaching and it helps me to learn better.

Her class is always interesting and you always learn something new. She allows you to be independent and show your own thoughts but is always around to help if needed. She always makes sure to make the class interesting yet still be able to learn something. Her class is not only good for a grade and credit but helps you to learn how to work with others and bounce ideas off of each other. Not only is she a great teacher but also a great person. Learning in this class is more fun than a task that we have to do.

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