Kanye West, born in Chicago, is a well known rapper famously known for his many great songs. When he released his first hit “Slow Jamz” featuring Twists and Jamie Fox in 2003, his rise to fame began. After his song reached the US Billboard Hot 100, life was looking up for Kanye. He released a few albums and began living the dream. Him and the famous Kim Kardashian share 7 years of marriage as well as 4 kids; North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm. He even got to collaborate with some of the biggest brands such as; Nike, Adidas, Louis Vuitton, GAP etc. However, the rapper is also known for his rather unique and spontaneous behavior to the public.


Over the years Kanye has showed his true colors and has not held back with his public outbursts. It started at the VMA’s when Kanye hopped on stage and interrupted Taylor Swifts speech to protest that Beyonce should’ve received the award instead of her. He had many more incidents similar like when he announced George Bush doesn’t like black people, tried running for president, and made comments about Rob Kardashian allegedly getting plastic surgery. He later moved to Twitter and kept up with his out-of-pocket comments. This led to the divorce with his wife, Kim K, in early 2021 and the loss of many of his friendships and business ventures. As of October 25, 2022 one of his most successful partners, Adidas, announced that they were cutting ties with him causing his net worth to plummet a couple hundred million dollars. The public now questions whether this was all apart of his master plan to create his own company or if he really has lost it all.

One of Kanyes most recent controversial tweets.

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