How Waking Up Early Effects Our Brains in School.

Waking up early for school is the most tiring thing! Let’s talk about what it does.. first, when u get more rest before learning you get better grades and attendance. I feel that when we wake up early for school either we miss it because our busses come to early and we don’t have rides or u get a ride and you’r late. Maybe still tired so instead of focusing in class and doing work like you’r suppose to you would rather sleep. Then you don’t even know what you did in that class witch can effect your grade, witch in some cases u can’t fix. Or sometimes if u have a test and its to early to look at a computer an it hurts your eyes you would most likely just guess and put your head down until you see your grade later. Waking up to early also makes you not as hungry so u don’t even eat before your first class witch could be an hour and a half as it is at Harrison high school. When sleeping in you wake up in a better mood with more energy.

Scientist even say that it improves grades and attendance and that their courses significantly I prove with the website at the bottom of the page. What I have also heard is that this allows them to stay awake longer throughout the day. Another thing that article had said is it can help in memory consolidation. Another thing is due to the lack of sleep the brain ability to focus is compromised and that affects the brains ability to retain imformation and makes the students lack focus during school time.

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