The Most Interesting Thing I Have Seen Online

Katherine Medina

Most recently I have seen some weird yet interesting things online, but the most interesting things I have seen has to be the death of a harry potter character, Rubeus Hagrid, also known as Robbie Coltrane. Though I myself have not seen any of the Harry Potter series, I know that many people were really attached to him. Some say he was the heart and soul of harry potter, there was a line in the book where harry had told Hagrid “There is no harry potter without you, Hagrid” and that line alone creates such sadness because he is no longer here, meaning there is no harry potter without him.

This link tells what had happened when he died and the best moments he gave the audience when filming. From what I have seen on social media and articles, he touched everyone’s hearts because of his character and who he was outside of acting, and that already tells me that he was a great person if he was able to be one of the most loved character’s in the series.

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