The depressing story of being allergic

By LiLi Sharpe

The death of me

You know that sweet, creamy, milky candy everyone calls chocolate. Whelp I can’t eat that I’m actually allergic from it and also bananas. Imagine having cramps and there’s a box of chocolate in front of you but you cant eat it well that is exactly how I feel. And before you say I am Lactose intolerant, I am not its specifically the cocoa itself that makes me sick. But being allergic to chocolate isn’t entirely bad I have found a coping mechanism to stay away from chocolate its called, “sweets and juice” i love anything like juice its the best.

When having an allergy you really must have a good eye to make sure you don’t eat it. for example I have a friend allergic to strawberries but she cant be around them or smell them or her throat will close up. Allergies can sometimes be deadly but not all the time like my mom and avocados. Basically this article was mainly about watching out for your allergies and be careful what you eat. Also this was made to be comedic and serious so enjoy your guys day/ night and we’ll read next time.

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