Do you ever say ‘oh I’ll just do it tomorrow’ and then when tomorrow comes you say it again and again until all of a sudden that due date is just a day away and you only barely stared your assignment? Have you ever said oh ill get started on it in 45 minutes and those 45 minutes come and go and the assignment has completely slipped your mind at that point. A lot of high schoolers tend to procrastinate for a number of reasons.

For me it was stress and just the overwhelming amount of work I had in every class it became easier to just ignore it then get it done, which was a really bad choice and I wish I would’ve learned sooner how important it is to just get my work done and not allow myself to fall behind to begin with. If I would’ve just got my work done a lot of my worries would have been solved.

Overall procrastination is the worst thing you could possibly do to yourself. You need to just sit down and get your work done rather than putting it off because putting it off never ends well.

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