I feel like the music you listen to expresses you. Like everyone has there own music, the music they like listening to. Everyone has there favorite artists. Its one way to express yourself. like the artist / music you like , someone else might not like it but some will. music is something that has been around for awhile. And there’s so many versions of it like country, rock, rap, jazz etc. There’s music for everyone. I also like its cool to see it be performed live. like at a concert. I haven’t experienced going to a concert but I want to. I feel like its something everyone should experience at least once in there life. Its also really cool when songs from the artist you know are featured in movies.

Music really has came a long way since apparently ” 35,000 ” years ago till now . like today we have a lot more new artist. not all of them are good but some are. But yet again some of them are passing way. I feel like music is a lot more serious now just due to the fact that people want to be the best, they wanna be better. And in cool to see artist grow in there music and grow as a individual themselves.

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