Its okay

To any students feeling overwhelmed as this school year ends and deadlines are running at you, it is okay to take a breath. It is okay to take a 5-minute break just to breathe for a second and refocus. You are strong, and you got this. If you do not allow yourself to get too quit, you will be able to pull through this.  

Just make sure you are going to every class and doing your best to ask questions when you are confused or explain to the teacher when you are just feeling very overwhelmed. If you communicate what is going on the teachers will be able to help you to the best of their abilities. When you feel overwhelmed some effective ways to calm down are mediating, just resting your eyes for a second, or my personal favorite turning on some relaxing music. If none of these things work for you or they tend to get you distracted that is okay just means you need to try something different until you find something that helps you best, like trial and error. We are all here to support you along the way if you open that door.  

At the end of the day if you put your mind to it, you can do it, we know it is overwhelming and can be intense but just do your best to find what helps calm that and help you focus on the task that needs to be done rather than put off the task because it is too much.  

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