Class of 2023

To Harrison’s graduating class of 2023, stay focused. If you do not fight senioritis, it will eat you alive no matter how hard it feels just remember how close you are to the finish line. Many of us seniors started to fall behind when we allowed senioritis to take over and started falling behind barely being able to scrap it together come May 18th do not make the same mistakes many of us did.  

OMI just get it done and save yourself the tears if you do not want to feel like the world is crumbling on you when that deadline for it comes up just ask any of us, it is not worth putting off. Focus on those OMI’s and just get them out of the way because classes are also extremely stressful come the end of the year and so you are going to want to be sure that you can give your full attention to class and not have to race to finish your OMI’s like some of us had to do.  

From the class of 2022 to you, we believe in you, you all are going to do great in your senior year if you try your best and never give up. Hard work and dedication always pay off in the end even when it feels like it is impossible you can do it if you believe you can do it. Do not be afraid to reach out for help or to even take a break for a day but you must keep trying, after your break get up the next day and give it your best shot. 

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