There is regular Olympics and Paralympics. There are both summer games, and winter games. The Olympic Games are international sports festival held every four years. The ultimate goal is to cultivate human beings, through sport and contribute to world peace. There is regular Olympics and Paralympics. The Olympics started in Olympia. The Paralympics games are a multisport event for athletes with physical mental and sensorial disabilities this included mobility, disabilities, amputees, visual disabilities and those with cerebral palsy. The Paralympics began and started in 1960 in Rome.

Summer Olympic games are held during the summer. In 2024 summer Olympics will begin on Friday July, 26 and end on Sunday August, 11. There is a range of different variety of event/games that are held. Here are some events. Archery, Artistic swimming, Badminton, Basketball, Beach volleyball, Diving, Golf, Road cycling, Shooting, Swimming, Tennis, Volleyball, Water polo and many more. The next winter Olympics will be held in 2026 they will begin on Friday, February 6 and end on Sunday February 22. There are less winter Olympic events than summer Olympics and here are some of the events. Alpine skiing, Bobsleigh, Curling, Figure skating, Ice hockey, Luge, Ski jumping, Snowboarding, Speed skating and many more. If you like watching the Olympics and Olympics in general then maybe take a look at the Olympic museum as well.

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