pre* Prom

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Harrison high school 2022 prom is coming up this Friday! The theme we are having this year is going to be a mascaraed theme. All of our Harrison panthers juniors and seniors are going to show our school how it prom is and the support of each other while having the best night of their lives. There will be music and dancing and student bonding. This is a place where all the students have some bonding time and all come together and get along. When we think of prom we think of music and dancing but there is SOO much more too it! We look back to see the memories we create that night and the stories we tell as we get older in years. Prom is not just dancing! Its not just music! Its memories! Before prom females go to each others houses to get ready and glammed up! Men find their best tux to impress their dates! Prom is a lifetime opportunity in which everyone should experience at one point in their life.

Upperclassmen use prom to get away from responsibilities for a few hours. When we look at prom we dress to impress. I spoke with a few upperclassmen at prom to see what they did before hand. Some responded with shopping others responded with getting ready like their hair, makeup, and toes. Pre prom is the opportunity to get best dressed of the year, which is why masquerade is such a fun theme. Imagine being the people to decorate and make prom magical for everyone where they look into the likes of the students so they have the perfect night. What’s not to appreciate!

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