Room 602

As most people know the teacher in room 602, Mr. Hart will be leaving Harrison next year. I was one of his first students last year. It was his first year here at Harrison and I’m beyond grateful for whoever made my schedule and put me in his class. He was a first year Harrison teacher during a pandemic and he did a great job on adjusting. Due to unfortunate circumstances he will not be here next year though and I when I heard this today I will admit I did cry. He is the one and only teacher that I’ve made the effort to go and see throughout this year even though I do not even take a science class. He lets me make fun of him and going and sitting in his class always made me feel better. During my sophomore year he was always the class I made sure to go, I always made sure to do my work in his class and try my best. When you have a good teacher by your side who cares, who tries to have more of a connection to their students other than teaching them it means a lot. I am very sad to hear that he is leaving but I am very thankful for even getting the chance to have him as my teacher.

Mr. Hart you will be missed dearly and I cant wait to see you for my graduation. Thank you for being such a awesome teacher you nerd đŸ™‚

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