Is home a person or a place?

Home- The place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household.

Home. When you think of the word “home” many think of a physical place whether or not its an apartment or a two story house. Home is rather a feeling than a place. Its about the feeling; the warm, safe feeling. When you feel comfortable where you can sit back and relax. Take a load off from the day. A person, activity, tv show, food can give this feeling not only the four walls you identify as home. That one meal that takes you back to your childhood, when nothing mattered besides being home before the street lights come on. The feeling of “home” can be felt from a multiple things.

My favorite “home” is my girlfriend. From the short time I have had her in my life, I always feel at home with her. From the day I met her, I felt like I knew her. If anyone knows me knows, I am a natural shy, introverted, quiet person when you first met me but after a while of being around you I warm up. But with her, I felt like I didn’t have to be shy or quiet cause there was no judgement. We clicked off our first conversation and been stuck ever since. As we get closer to each other that “home” feeling I was mentioning about grows stronger.

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