School Not Being Taken Serious

I believe there is a deeper purpose behind what schools serves as. I also believe that some people are just not good at school and its okay not being good at school. In just our everyday lives we learn something new everyday and other than learning how to read, write or solve a math equation we learn everyday lessons in school to. Teachers get upset when students are just a few minutes late and while in the moment it seems harsh to give the student punishment by marking their attendance as tardy, its just something to learn. In the real world, you have a job and you need to be their at a specific time, and this time if you are late consistently than that could cost you your job. This job pays your bills and you could easily be out of one if you’re always late. You’ve been so immune to always being just a few minutes late to things like class and you developed bad traits. That is just one way to show a perspective of how school can be looked at differently than just reading and writing. School can also be good for learning social skills and I think everyone takes advantage of that an than you have a school where individuals can’t learn to get along and they go out to the real world facing real world consequences. I believe if you don’t even like the sitting in class part of school there is other ways to think of school and how much it affects the development of individuals.

One thought on “School Not Being Taken Serious

  1. Preach!! This article is everything! Some other ways to think about it is, in the same way you work for grades which turn into credits, at work, you work hours which turn into pay checks. In the same way students don’t always jive with their teachers/peers, employees don’t always get along with their co-workers/bosses; which is one of the reasons counselors don’t change schedules for personality conflicts. It’s a life skill to experience discomfort yet meet your goals. School isn’t for everybody, but education is used as a tool to open doors in life. Different doors require different tools to enter and, many doors do not require tools at all, but at the end of the day you’re opportunities widen the more doors you’ve worked to gain tools to enter. šŸ™‚

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