Getting the Motivation In Highschool

Accomplishing goals and having that proud feeling that you finally did something that you’ve been dreading to do is what most people want, but something always manages to get in the way. Laziness, procrastination, mental problems, scared of failure and many more other things can interfere with wanting and giving effort.

What is Motivation?

Motivation can be defined as the will to want to keep going. It’s how you perceiver through anything that is thrown at you. Human desire to change yourself or your environment so it could become better then what it is. You want the satisfaction so when you finally success in what you’ve been working so hard on.

Why is Motivation so important?

Motivation allows you to keep going and reach your goals. When you sit and do nothing about what you want, it wont really get you anywhere. With motivation, you will be able to make it where you want to be in life. Working for what you desire will help get you to the point where you think, “I made it” and the great feeling of relief after all the hard work.

So how do different people try and get the motivation they need? To figure this out, I asked a few people, “What motivates you?” Seeing how different people who have approached difficulty, pushing themselves forward to keep going will allow others to also get some advice and ideas on what to do when they may need help.

Interviews with Highschool Students

Sydney: Sophomore

When talking to Sydney, she explained how last year she was going through her second college class and there was an essay she had to write about a topic she did not understand. She specified how she didn’t give up through the struggle. After listening to her and understanding what she went through, I asked her, ” When you said you didn’t give up, what motivated you to keep going?”

She laughs and states, “Not failing the class.”

This really shows how the thought of not passing a class can really push someone and strive to make sure that does not end up happening.

Dezera: Sophomore

When Dezera explained how she has went through struggles through Highschool she explained how she fixed that when she was asked, ” What do you do to overcome those difficulties?”

Dezera mentions, “Well you see here I just think to myself, and I tell myself how I got this and not to ever give up because you know what I can do this if Einstein could do it then I could do it too.”

This shows how many can get inspired by big people who made it far in life. She wants to become someone bigger and wants to show how others can also.

Zaria: Junior

When I asked Zaria, “What do you do when you find something that’s too difficult for you.”

She replies, “Usually I sit on it or ill work on it, and if I realize I cant get it, I would take a break and then ill look at the question again and ill think about ways that I could use my prior knowledge to answer the question. Like finding a short cut to where it makes sense to me.”

Then I asked her, “Whenever you start giving up, what motivates you to keep going or who motivates you in any difficult situation?”

“The result after…like just being optimistic about like what I can get out of actually doing whatever it is. Rather then just focusing on the bad side of struggling.

“Is there anyone that helps you during this?”

“Ummm…usually my mommy.”

The future feeling of accomplishment shows how it can help struggles and can motivate you to push yourself. Also people like family will be there to push you forward as well.

Ethan: Junior

Ethan loves to sing and has an amazing singing food. I asked him, “Does it ever get too difficult for you, to where you wanna give up?”

“No I normally just push through things, there have been a few times where I doubted myself a lot but I never really gave up on it, especially my passions.”

“When you mentioned you don’t give up and you push through, what motivated you to push through?”

“I think what mostly motivates me is the idea of growth, I just wanna be better the next day then I was today.”

“So like the thought that you would become a bigger person?”

“Exactly, ill overcome it.”

Watching as Ethan sees the world through passions and to keep going really makes my mind set. This shows how if you work through your passion and motivate yourself with the idea that soon you will be farther then you were, you can become whatever you want.

Leslie: Senior

Seeing how people in Highschool may have gave up really shows how difficult it can be. When asking Leslie, “During your Highschool experience, did you ever feel like you want to give up?”

“No not really cause if I would procrastinate, that would mean more work. So I learned how to multitask with everything like working and school.”

“Does it ever get stressful for you?”

“Yes but I don’t show it to people”

“How do you push yourself through?”

“I tell myself that I want the career path that I wanna take, so just say if I am stressed, I tell myself ‘you are working hard for yourself and being better for yourself… Also my mom and my dad’ so I would keep pushing.”

Leslie shows how she goes through tough times, but she will always be there for herself. She pushed herself through and gives herself positive affirmations to keep the motivation up.

Brianna: Senior

With Brianna, she tells me how she has had been through struggles in Highschool. I asked her “During those struggles, was there anyone or anything that motivated you to keep going?”

“I would say my little siblings motivated me because I know that they look up to me and also I prayed my way through Highschool, like putting God first and made sure that I would pray.”

Through a short conversation it was clear that having the motivation by putting God in your life and having that support would help.

Can Motivation Come From Anything?

Motivation can be supported through anything. You give yourself motivation or have people there for you. Having a good mindset will allow you to push yourself and believe that everything can happen if you put your mind to it.

-Lesly Quinonez

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