End of the year

I’m honestly scared to graduate, just because I don’t want to grow up yet and im scared that I wont be able to walk on graduation. I have all of my credits and im passing all of my classes but because it is a mandatory tests. I’ve passed both of them BUT now it’s on to the actual math one, the practice tests were kind of hard just because I don’t understand how to do the percentages and fractions, which is my fault because I cheated all last year in math, solely because when I asked for help in math I’d always get told to go look at the links in class. But so far im excited to go to prom! My boyfriend and I won the free tickets!

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com

One thought on “End of the year

  1. It’s totally natural to be nervous about such a huge transition in life. It sounds like you have everything you need to walk that stage, except your math test. Give it your all and even if you don’t do well, your counselor and testing coordinator will explore other ways to help you meet that requirement. I hope you have a blast at prom!!! Congrats on winning those tickets. 🙂


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