Summer Vacay

Summer time around the corner are you guys ready? I know I am. No school, no homework, no grades just time to kick back and relax a time to do all the fun summer activities again. Some of the activities I am doing this summer is swimming, hiking, camping going to amusement parks etc… there is so much to do in the summer time but I used this time as a vacation. I am so looking forward to catch up on sleep and hanging out with friends. We’re all going to hang out and fun. I’m also planning on going to Eliches with my friends and going swimming there as well. Speaking of swimming, I also plan on getting on a bunch of different swimsuits too. One I have in my mind has a bunch of palm trees on it. I’m also getting a new car possibly this summer. I might also go camping in the mountains as well and roast some marshmallows with hot dogs and have some s’mores too. That’s how my summer’s probably going to go, what do you plan on doing this summer?

One thought on “Summer Vacay

  1. What FUN summer plans! I’ve seen the CUTEST bathing suits with little palm trees on them. 🙂

    I’m going camping, fishing, hiking, and to my cousin’s quinceanera this summer! Have lots of fun and don’t think about school. 🙂


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