Social Media Awareness

For many people, social media is a fun place to be. It’s where we show off, where we connect with friends and loved ones, and where we sometimes meet new people and discover new interests. But all this comes with a price. Social media has a dark side which troubles many, including safety and privacy experts. Knowing what we know, should we still be on social media? 

People use social media to discover about everything from customer service to politics, but the negativity to this is that our feeds often compare an endless stream of stress. In 2015, researchers at the Pew Research Center based in Washington DC fought to find out if social media causes more stress than it relieves.  

One thought on “Social Media Awareness

  1. Unfortunately, I think it’s becoming harder and harder to not be on social media because everything is connected to it. I get off it several times a year to rebalance and I can’t even make appointments for my son’s barber shop because everything is connected to social media. My daughter wanted to know when her favorite store was going to release a certain FunkoPOP and the only way to know was to follow them on Insta. It’s so difficult to disconnect even when your intentions are good. 😦 Great article. 🙂


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