Spring seasoned sports 21-22

by LiLi Sharpe

Greg Miller (far left) Kahar Briggs (2nd left) Kantay Kiptonui (2nd right) Jazari Spencer (far right) David Cyprian (bottom)

Track season is definitely one of the sports people ask why do others do it. These boys run for fun and what’s their reasoning? Today I spoke with Jazari Spencer (sophomore) to get the insight of his track life and thoughts. Moving forward to our first question I asked “What made you join track and who is your biggest supporter?” Spencer spoke forward and replied, “Something that made me join track was just me wanting to get better in life to be able to stay active in the school. Me wanting to have that i want it mentality not stopping for nothing no matter. My biggest supporter has been my dad he’s been there for me since the start of my career and sports and i know a lot of this would not be possible without him with me” Spence mentions his dad in such a high respect and you can tell he has the support and love from him for the field. For one question everyone can probably asks would be “how could you build such a high stamina in track”? Mr. Spencer has established the real deal for track by replying, ” Being able to have stamina doesn’t mean just running but being able to take care of your body resting, eating healthy, and having that recovery going on walks or little shorts jogs around the park for at least 10 minutes a day you’ll be able to see that improvement in how long your doing something” Anybody can run track if you set your mind to it and are ready to take the deal to get in shape. If you don’t think you can do it hear is some advice from Mr. Spencer, “You never know what you want until you try you have to step outside your box become familiar with that environment try to bond with somebody if your trying it for your first time yes, it’ll be nerve wrecking at first but everything is; first day of school, getting grades, test, and etc.. But track is one of those sports where there’s not a lot to make mistakes on all you do is show up to practice and run” Listen up and go for what you want to do whether its baseball, soccer, or even track all set your mind for the goal. Have a great season track and go pantherssss!!!!!

Keandre Stovall

Baseball is one intriguing game and is just like softball. When looking at baseball you see a group of players with determination and fire in their eyes. Today I spoke with Keandre Stovall (junior). Proceeding with question I asked Mr. Stovall “how long have you been playing baseball and who inspires and supports you the most on the team?” Mr. Stovall quickly responded with “This is my first year In high school playing baseball and someone who inspires me is really just the whole team because we all try to work together and support each other to be the best.” Keandre shows to be a team player knowing he’s best with his team. Stovall plays to the best of his ability so moving to his next question I asked him to describe his strengths and things he feels he can still grow in. Stovall response was genuine with his response being, ” My strengths have been hitting the ball more and getting my pitching and throwing stances down better. And how I feel I can grow better is just working on everything and giving 100% at all times.” The boys baseball team have been working their hardest and their ready for any challenge. Have a great season Baseball and we are behind you guys at all times take the leap Panthers.

Soccer is one sport you can always find! You can find soccer anywhere and everywhere in the world. I have interviewed Harrison High School’s girl soccer captain Diana Lopez (senior) earlier this week. Ms. Lopez is a forward, striker and half back for her team. When proceeding with the first question I asked Ms. Lopez “Who is your biggest supporter on the team” She proceeded to answer with “My biggest supporter on the team would have to be Valeria my heart goes out to that girl. Even on our off days we are still able to come to each other and keep that encouragement between us. Wouldn’t trade a teammate/ friend like that for anything” Diana always has Valeria by her side in her most recent game Valeria made an assist with Ms. Lopez. When asked who her biggest inspiration was on the team is/was her response was, “My biggest inspiration personally would be Alison, Alison played a huge role in all of our life’s especially on the pitch I love that girl to death, she was there for the ups and downs and not only that but she was one hell of a captain on and off the field I aspire to be like that for my team.” Allison Favela graduated last May and shared positivity throughout her team. Carrying onto the last question “What advice would you give to the incoming players for next year” she replied in confidence, “If I could give any piece of advice to any players playing next season or thinking about playing I would say do it, play soccer the dynamic you find with the individuals that you do on the field is such a powerful thing, the environment is such a beautiful one. I love the sport because once I step on that field I feel nothing all my problems lift. So my advice is take that risk and join the team!! You won’t regret it!” So any girls who are interested in girls soccer who are too scared to play GO TAKE THE RISK it might be the right thing for you. Have a great season girls soccer and fight your way to the top goooo Pantherssss!!!

Thank you readers and have a great rest of your day/night.

P.s. if nobody told you they appreciate you I do.

One thought on “Spring seasoned sports 21-22

  1. Wow, Lili! You went into some great detail and even interviewed students. Your articles are always fun to read. Great job, babe! Keep ’em coming! 🙂


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