Spreading Kindness

In the world we live in, is is often hard to see kindness in many aspects of life and people. Some times we tend to not be kind because of situations we may be going through, the way we are feeling, etc. Not being kind to someone or something is something that should be taken into consideration as an individual. We all have our own battles and problems but if we really think about it the people or things in life that we are being unkind to may be going through things that nobody would even think about. We also tend to be so caught up in our own problems and situation that we end up being unkind to other around us who possibly don’t even deserve it.

There are so many ways to spread kindness in this world in our society in our community, and within one another. Complementing other by telling them something nice about them whether you know them or not. Another way we can show kindness is by using manners and being nice saying thank you and using positive words. Helping those who are in need. Even the smallest things such as a smile can make someone feel better. Most of all being kind to yourself. There are so many ways we can spread kindness to make someone feel better and be positive without knowing what they go through. We are a lot more alike than we are different.

Brianna R.

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