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How can social media affect you?

Social media have been around since 1997, connecting a bunch of people together to help communication and help those spread many ideas. Since then hundreds of people use social media and don’t realize how it can really affect the mind. Many studies have shown how social media has increased the risk of depression, anxiety, loneliness and even suicidal thoughts. It may effect how you go into the real world and not allow you to socialize more. For example when you depend your life more on social media, in real life it may be harder to make friends since it could be harder to actually talk to someone face to face.

How can I improve my mental health?

  • Try removing some social media apps. Removing social media apps could help improve your mental health. Like that removing Instagram would help you avoid seeing pictures of a “perfect life” of someone. Helping you realize that real life and social media are not the same thing.
  • Set time limits. Setting time limits would allow you to reduce the amount of time spent on your phone. You could find something else to do other then sit there. Like reminding you to do homework or chores.
  • Find hobbies. When setting down your phone and finding things you like you may have fun trying to do new things. You could find out that your good at cooking!!

How can removing social media help me?

  • Better sleep. By removing social media this may help you have a better sleep and allow you to not be thinking a lot about what goes on into social media.
  • Relax. You can finally relax and not be thinking about all the drama that may go on in social media.
  • Stops the procrastination. You can finish work faster and actually do it before its too late! It helps to do work faster and you wont be stressing the day before the work is due.
  • Get more free time. You can now hang out with your friends and have some time to yourself.

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