Summer is coming up sooner than I expected and I am worried. I feel like I haven’t been able to really enjoy my high school years, so hearing that we only have two ish months left of school and summer is arriving, it gets me worried. I will be a senior next year and junior year has felt like I was barley here to enjoy it.

Though I am happy because my birthday is in the summer and I have fun things planned! I can’t wait to enjoy the pool, stay up all night, not worry about homework or have any alarm clocks! That’s the best part of summer is to relax and not have a thing to worry about.

One thought on “Summer

  1. Aw! You’re last summer is right around the corner. No matter what, just like junior year, it will fly by. Try to be in the moment and present and you will get more out of it. Less time on technology will definitely give you richer experiences. Happy early birthday, honey bunny! 🙂


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