Let girls Wrestle

Valencia Gonzalez

Wrestling will allow our girls to have a self-defense foundation. Between the different take downs, throws, locks and holds that are taught, girls will be able to confidently defend themselves if they needed to. While wrestling is not a martial art, it has been a consistent background for a lot of top MMA fighters.

Sports were meant for men, and girls entering a sport made them manly. Over many years, it has finally become normal for girls to become strong and be athletic. I mean, who wouldn’t want their daughters to build their confidence, stay active, and have a strong character, right? Since girls are becoming motivated, there’s one sport that is finally making its outbreak that all parents should consider for their daughters. Wrestling.

One thought on “Let girls Wrestle

  1. Oh my gosh, Valencia! I feel like this article was written for me. My daughter asked last month to wrestle and we weren’t sure about it, but you’re absolutely right! We’d rather her be confident, strong, and be able to defend herself if needed. Thanks for sharing your perspective; I needed it. 🙂


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