Working Stress

When you are working as a student things can get difficult. You have a lot of work you need to get done, maybe you need to clean your room, or maybe you just need some free time. its hard to get stuff done when you have no time and you may think you are falling behind. After work you are too tired to want to get anything done. Sometimes you might lose some friends due to the lack of being able to hang out with them. You also may be falling behind in school even though you’re not at work because you are exhausted from getting no sleep. Sometimes you don’t have the time to eat. If you find that work is too much for you and quitting is the right thing for you then you can wait till you feel it is a good time to come back to work. But if you want/need to stay in work try asking for a day off to either rest or get stuff done whatever you need and try to do that once or twice a week to get your stress levels down.

One thought on “Working Stress

  1. Yes! Self-care is so incredibly important! Listen to yourself and trust that sometimes it may be too much to balance everything. Love this! 🙂


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