1970 – 1990 was when people wore those fun outfits!. As in the colorful bell bottoms, colorful shirts, disco outfits, the mom jeans , denim , anything expressing themselves. I feel like as of today people are more coming back to that. People are more open to expressing themselves today. Wearing what is most comfortable to them. Putting together wonderful outfits. Kind of reminds me of the show Friends or the movie clueless, Those types of outfits. Its such a eye catching style. 5 years ago we probably wouldn’t have been dressing like this. But I’m glad this type of fashion is back!

One thought on “Throwback!

  1. Oh my gosh! I couldn’t agree more! I was a teenager in the 90s and have had such a fun time these last few years seeing clothes on teenagers that I used to wear. I always tell my kids, “I used to have that exact outfit!” What’s annoying about it is, if I were to wear those clothes now, my kids call me a boomer who’s trying to hard to be cool, even though I was part of the generation to rock the style to begin with. LOL.


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