Justice For Pluto!!

I feel like our solar system should take back Pluto as a planet. Pluto was a big part of what people believe in. Some people believe a lot in astrology. They believe in all the zodiac signs and how they are. Without Pluto those things are changed when the planet is gone. When they stopped considering Pluto as a planet it messed up what people thought about. I also believe that someone should be kicked out just because of their size. We should all be treated equally. I think this rule should go around for everyone and all of our planets. Pluto should be a planet again. JUSSTICE FOR PLUTO!!!!!!!- Ruby Ordaz

2 thoughts on “Justice For Pluto!!

  1. Haahaa! I LOVE, “we should all be treated equally” when referring to Pluto’s size! You made me laugh. Love it!! I completely agree with you. 🙂


  2. I never cared for titles and “experts.” As far as I’m concerned, Pluto is a planet because in addition to orbiting our Sun, it has moons.


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