If we had dinosaurs to this day our lives would be so much different. We would have to hide all the time. We would also have to hunt for our food because its not going to be handed right to us like it is now. Our newest generation would probably not be influenced by the internet. There would be less people and we wouldn’t be able to hurt the earth how we do now. With dinosaurs around we would have to have a lot less people and a lot of the problems we have now wouldn’t really exist. If we could have any dinosaur back, I would choice between the Brontosaurus or the Triceratops. I would say the Brontosaurus because its an herbivorous and its to big to see us so we could hide without it finding us. The Triceratops is also an herbivorous so it wouldn’t really attack us. They can also help hide from a T-rex because they are considered food for the T-rex. Those two are also my two favorite dinosaurs that are out there. Which would you want back?-Ruby

One thought on “Dinosaurs

  1. I never thought of it like that. You’re right, things would be completely different! I’d have to agree that your favorite two would be mine too, but my love for those two dinosaurs comes from my obsession with The Land Before Time. Great article, “yup, yup, yup!” 🙂


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