I’d like to thank ALL custodian’s at Harrison High School

Hi my name is Angela R-Vega I’m a Janitor for City Hall, and I honestly thank the teachers and all custodians here at Harrison High School because cleaning up after GROWN people is terrible but imagine teenagers, because you’d think they would know better right? It makes me SO furious when I see the kids here at Harrison leave these big ass messes at lunch or in the bathroom’s, stop being selfish I’m SURE your parent(s)/guardians raised you better, its gross, its inconsiderate and overall you’re a shitty person if you think it’s funny to make their lives harder so that you seem cooler to your friends which you probably won’t see after high school. If you’ve never worked a cleaning job you don’t know what it’s like to pick up poopy toilet paper off the ground because someone actively chose not to throw it away in a trash can literally less than 2 feet away from them, you don’t know what it’s like to clean up pee or period blood off of the toilets or to bend down and scrape off gunk from the ground because honestly we get payed poorly for people like you or your friends who like to throw paper towels on the ceiling of the bathrooms or to squish food into the cafeteria floor. Do better because the custodians here are nice people who ARE JUST like your parent(s) trying to make a living. Thank you

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