Health Care

In my previous blog I mentioned an Urgent Care and I honestly think it’s stupid that we have to pay for health care meanwhile in other countries it can be free, I understand that America can be a better country compared to other countries because we aren’t at war or anything serious BUT I am here and I am worrying about being here, anyways I owe $1,600+ (I believe) just to get a checked up I don’t even know how I’m going to pay that off in like 2 months when again I barley get paid WITH that the lady I’m working for basically scammed my mom and I she said we BOTH would get payed $600 for each building, and then the first pay check we got it was $325 when we cleaned a prior building for the 2 weeks which was an additional $300 which she claimed we didn’t do 2 weeks it’s whatever though *extremely hard eye roll* and it’s not like I can ask my mom to help with the dept. She herself is already struggling to pay bills with 2 jobs. It’s just stupid that they charge so much the world s going to shit honestly.

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