Accomplishments of submitting a yearbook!

by Elysia Deblasio

picture done by Elysia Deblasio 🙂

Making a yearbook was stressful but exciting. You really get to meet the people around you and see how the book is made. You learn who takes leadership and pride in what they do and the people who can care less. I was one of those leaders who worked on the sports pages of our book and took many of the photos such as wrestling homecoming and some of the spirit weeks! The parts i did i put so much effort in and i think our book is going to be the best one made for our school because high school is a one time thing and boom it goes by so fast it’s like a movie. We submitted our final take of the yearbook on march 16th of 2022 and everyone’s faces lit up as they realized we finally finished the yearbook. Making the book was not easy but we finished its like a heavy weight being lifted when you know you did something great.

We have been making the yearbook since the beginning of the school year by doing pictures and having a variety then second semester we started editing them in. Our lead photographers were Joseph Cotto-Banke, Elysia DeBlasio (Me), Alize Casas, LiLi sharpe and Lesly Quinonez. We worked as a team! I couldn’t ask for a better team and bond i made with them this was a great way for us to get the job done since we were all comfortable with one another.

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