How To Stay Organized

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Prepare the night before

To start off, you should try preparing the night before an event. Like school or meeting. This would allow you to put more time and thought into what you will need for the next day. Like you could get your outfit ready so in the morning you wont be in a hurry. You could also change which outfit you want as many times since you have time. You may then put everything you need the next day in your backpack so you have everything ready. This would help you not forget anything.

Keep a checklist

When having a checklist you are able to keep track of what you have done and what you may have to do. This would help you not procrastinate and make sure that you get things done. Different color coded list could also help you keep track of different errands like homework or shopping list.

Having a daily routine

When having a daily routine this would help you know what to do next. Like going to bed at a specific time will help you get better sleep so its not harder. It would become more of a habit and become easier over time.

Do sweeps often

Clean up your desk area or organize your notebooks to make sure that everything is there. This would help you stay organized and clean so you know where everything is. It could help you find work easily and have better access to materials you have.

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One thought on “How To Stay Organized

  1. Yassssss!! Sometimes the formula for greatness is simple, but not easy to follow. Where were you when I was in high school? I didn’t learn how to become organized until much later in life and I often wonder how differently things would have turned out had I listened to advice as wonderful as yours. Great job!!


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