What happens to your body when you drink Monsters?

Hi! Todays blog will be about Monsters(the energy drink) I actively drink Monsters BUT I have noticed that when I drink a full can my body feels crappy and I get severe headaches, my intestines’ feel like there is acid in them, BUT when I only drink half an energy drink I don’t feel that way. I have heard that the reason you an only buy 2-3 cans of Monster at a time is because they do cause ulcers and increase your chances of going into cardiac arrest at an earlier age. BUT they are so god and when you are tired and you need energy to get through the day you gotta do what you gotta do!

One thought on “What happens to your body when you drink Monsters?

  1. Some people just LOVE Monsters! I’ve never liked the flavors enough to even drink a half can. Fun read! Thanks for your article. 🙂


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