My Valentines Day

My Valentines this year has been what I needed. I had made more friends since we came to school, which honestly made me happy and I didn’t feel lonely. I went to the store and grabbed as much candy as I could for my friends, even bought candy for some of my favorite teachers. Not only do my friends deserve love, but so do my teachers so show that i appreciate them and for what they do to make sure we do our best! They keep me going and so do my friends. I wish to make more friends in the future.

Sometimes I wouldn’t celebrate valentines day because I saw no use for it and because I don’t really like giving out stuff or saying i like you or something like that, even to my own family. it gets really awkward.

One thought on “My Valentines Day

  1. Having good friends make life better. I’m so happy to hear you have such great support and that you appreciate your teachers. I’m sure everyone around you appreciated the candy. 🙂


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