My High School Experience

This blog will be about my whole High School experience in total (maybe a little paraphrased) , honestly my 9th grade year went by really slow I didn’t have much to worry about which I think is a privilege because some people struggle at a young age, I didn’t know what to expect, High School is completely different from Middle School I never skipped I was basically a good kid, I made a lot of “friends” my freshman year, the typical drama happens but other then that it was pretty smooth I think I felt happier when I was younger and I regret wanting to grow up. I think my freshman and sophomore year went by REALLY slow I only got to do 2/4 of my sophomore year because of the pandemic, but I can tell you that my sophomore year was a lot better just because I wasn’t in a completely new environment at that point I began to loose friends because you really do catch on quick to fake people, after that I met someone who negatively affected me (grades/attendance) and then the pandemic happened and then the days just became longer and boring, because you literally couldn’t do anything, I didn’t really have anyone except one of my friends, whom I still talk to, but then the summer came and it got a little better I went out a lot more, and then my friend moved and I was pretty sad about that now on to my junior year SHEESSH it was absolutely TERRIBLE simply because I was in a crappy relationship I had no one, my grades were terrible because I was online the whole year, the whole teaching system was not the best I’m not going to lie I did enjoy the free time but I had too much free time since I had no one to actively talk to, it honestly went by REALLY fast next thing I know it’s my senior year, the beginning of my senior year was trash because of that relationship then when it finally ended I became really happy, now that it’s the middle of the year it’s definitely better I think we have like 100 some days till we graduate and I don’t want to because I don’t even know what I want to do, I want to go to collage since I already got accepted into PPCC but I want to go into the Navy because then you are set for life, at this point I’m just taking one day at a time that’s all I really can do.


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