Harrison High School’s Boys basketball Team

By LiLi Sharpe

Brianna Davis
senior and basketball manager

Good morning readers hope everyone is having a fantastic day! Earlier last week on Wednesday January 12th, I attended the boys basketball team against Palmer High School. Watching these guys play expressed determination throughout each team because of their love for the game. I got the chance to talk to the teams manager Brianna Davis before the game about her feelings and thoughts on the team. Ms. Davis took time out of her day to answer some questions about her team. When asked what made her want to manage, she responded, ” I like being apart of the team and it’s great seeing behind the scenes of the game.” showing her admiration for the team, I asked how she motivates her team she then replies, ” By hyping them up before a game and being their positive energy during their games and also making sure they have everything they need.” Ms. Davis showed a lot of love to these boys and also encouragement through their basketball experience. As she expressed her feelings for her team, I asked how long she had managed for; she replied, ” I’ve managed basketball for three years.” Brianna’s dedication to the team and being one of their biggest supporters continues to show throughout all three games as she cheers the team on.

Dayne Solano
c team basketball player

Despite losing one battle, C team pushes to the next to win a war with much support from the other teams. C team gave in their all for their game against Palmer while having fun playing. C team players definitely act like a family checking in on everyone before their games. After the game I pulled one of the players to the side for an interview, this player being Dayne Solano. This player took time out of his day to answer a few questions. We sat down together and my first question was who inspired him most on the team, so Mr. Solano replied, “On JV Samson inspires me because of his communication and the motivation he carries. Kenny also inspires me to work harder and Don keeps his positive energy.” Samson , Kenny Jones, and Donovan Sterling inspire Mr. Solano in all different ways. When coming to his second question, I asked, what advice has someone given him on the team that he’ll always remember. Mr. Solano then replied, ” my coaches always gave advice to be urgent because urgency gets you places.” Using this advice kept him going and his coaches definitely wanted the best for the team. Before the second game started I asked Mr. Solano one last question being who influenced his play style, he went on to reply, “My cousin inspires my play style he went to widefield and graduated.” Dayne continues to push to be his best with every coming game because of the people around him. Everyone on C team continues to push to be their best with every passing day, even when they win or lose.

Martin Alvarado
C team And JV basketball player sophomore

As one battle passes another comes with a devastating lost; these boys on JV (Junior Varsity) still continue to support and strive as a team. Despite the JV losing their battle, they kept their heads held high, so I pulled Martin Alvarado to the side for a couple questions. I proceeded with my first question in asking him what made him join basketball; he proceeded to explain and say, “the community” so taking in to express his feelings.  As we get to our second question I ask who inspired him most on his team and like Dayne Solano he replied, ” Kenny Jones” Mr. Jones seems to have an impact on his team-mates and gives a fresh healthy environment for the team. Mr. Alvarado seems determined, when watching him play he was quick and fast in critical situations. With this knowledge on his playing skills, I asked how he felt he played; he then responded, ” I feel I played good, more turnovers than I wanted but overall good!” Noticing he played both C-team and JV, he was able to stay on his feet. JV has a determined set of boys who wish to play to their full potential and strive as a family.

Donovan sterling
varsity basketball player

Down three players but still putting up a fantastic fight, our boys varsity team held their heads high as they were defeated by Palmer with no hard feelings. Having three players missing and only losing by two points, the boys still held love for their game. After the game, I pulled Donovan Sterling to the side to ask a few questions. Our starter question for Mr. Sterling was “what does basketball mean to you?” Mr. Sterling than smiled and replied “basketball is my love.” Mr. Sterling has played in all his games with determination and drive. Moving towards his second question being who is his biggest supporter on and off the team, he proceeded to reply, ” My parents and family.” While talking with Mr. Sterling he seemed appreciative of the people around him, especially while he played basketball. And as Donovan Sterling is a senior, I asked what his advice for the kids trying out next year was, and Mr. Sterling said, “To Try your best and don’t give up.” Varsity’s next game was Saturday January 15th with a win against Pueblo East leading 51-42. These boys strive to be at their best, and even with one lost comes a win.

Kenny jones scoring second half
varsity player

No matter any outcome Harrison’s basketball team stands out to strive; speaking to these players and their manager was an honor. The glow in their smiles while talking about their teammates and love for their game is such an inspiration that students at Harrison High School should look towards. Each player holds their weight and does their best in every game and the outcome never changes their perspective. These players also mentioned people from their team such as Kenny Jones, who holds an inspiration to his teammates. So lets go Harrison, and keep fighting these battles to the best of our ability.

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  1. Wow, Lili! What an incredible article! I loved reading every bit of it and loved how you interviewed several people to allow the audience a deeper perspective on our basketball team, players and manager. Fantastic job!!

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