Sometimes we take for granted the moments that we have with some of the people we least expect something to happen to them. And when you get that phone call that something terrible has happened to a person you really care about can rip your heart right out your chest. You lose your breath, your mind starts to spin, and you just can’t find any words to explain the pain of that call. Thats the pain that my auntie had to go through when she got that call at 3 in the morning of Wednesday. She couldn’t even recall the exact words she got because of how bad it hit her. Now when I got the news I was devastated. For the my cousin I Know it killed him getting the news that his brother is now gone.

We don’t really think in the sad days that are to come but more the happy days that we are looking forward to. But we’ve all been through one of those days and we all sometimes just need to let it go, let all the pain go and just keep going forward. Why some people get their calls sooner we don’t know but its is something no one should go through. Tragedy can cause so much to someone but you can’t let it get the best of you and remember there are still people out there that need you.

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One thought on “Tragedy

  1. I’m so very sorry to hear about your loss. 😦 Life definitely stops when we hear we’ve lost someone special to us, but we have to lean on our strengths to get us through. Thank you for this article. It was so special to me.


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