In every women there is a queen. Beauty pageants and modeling are my favorite things to do. I first started doing beauty pageants when I was in third or fourth grade. My passion for beauty pageants and modeling became so real that I wanted to keep it up. I also had the opportunity to walk and ride in parades. Everything about beauty pageants is amazing. The dresses, the crowns, the makeup, the hair, the whole process is just so fun. Seeing those beauty crowns laid on the tables, the sashes, and the prizes made me want to go out on that stage and win the biggest and prettiest one.

Although it has been awhile since I have done a beauty pageant, I do still model. Walking down that stage makes me feel so confident. I feel like I run the stage when I walk or even when I take pictures and model I feel like a queen. I love to model. I promote and model for different clothing brands. One thing about me, is I love to take pictures. I am always camera ready. I also model for trucks and cars. I do get paid to model for trucks and cars when I am asked. I am now working on getting back into beauty pageants to compete and I am so excited because it is my happiness. I love what I do and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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