My favorite Animal/My favorite Holiday

My Favorite animal is a lion:

Lions are the only cats that live in groups. A group, or pride, can be up to 30 lions, depending on how much food and water is available. Female lions are the main hunters. A lion’s roar can be heard up to eight kilometers away. Nearly all wild lions live in Africa, but one small population exists elsewhere They can weigh 30 stone. Cubs are reared together. Lions can get their water from plants. Lions are big eaters. They hunt during storms.

What I do during Christmas: 

During the holiday Christmas is the stuff that I like is the type of food that I eat which is tamales and some Pan Dulce with Atole which is the best food that I like to eat. I also like spend time with family during Christmas. The snow is also something that I like because we can go sledding in the snow.

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