Benefits of focusing on school

School isn’t the best place to be distracted and get lost of track because that’s the time you come in to focus on keeping up with school so you are successful in the real world. If your below a 2.5 average , don’t care about life and live in the moment you are about to have a rude awakening. School is never going to be the place to hangout and have fun with your friends. Yes, socializing is a good benefit but don’t depend your life career over unnecessary conversations you probably have from a day to day basis.

Opinion | After the Coronavirus, Reopen Schools, Not Bars - The New York  Times

Going to school 6 days out of the week to study new things everyday, is reality. School is showing and wanting us to be responsible. Actknowledge staff and the rules we have at school are to help us become the people we want to become.

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