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There is a lot of opinions on technology. It has its pros and its cons, some people like it because it makes life so much easier for them. They can make appointments that they need and when they need or order things online when they don’t have the time to get them in person. Then there are the people that don’t like it. Mainly talking about parents, they don’t like it because it can get addicting. Its more of the new generations that are addicted to being on the internet and doing things on their phones or on their computers. One of my classmates said that they enjoyed technology because it was a way for them to get out of reality and be happy in their own world, it also makes their life easier. If you would ask an older generation they would say that technology is ruining the newer generation and its bad for the kids.

One thought on “Technology

  1. Great article! I’m part of the older generation who feels technology is good, but it’s being abused. Thanks for writing this! 🙂


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