Christmas Traditions

Did you know there is more than one way to celebrate Christmas? Instead of gathering together and gifting gifts, some people celebrate differently. In Catalonia they celebrate the pooper and the pooping log. The Salt Catalan holiday tradition involves a log that’s fed scraps of food for several weeks leading up to Christmas. Then, it’s beaten with a stick and implored to poop out a Spanish nougat called turron.

The Eight Strangest Christmas Traditions on Earth | YHA Australia

Every December 23, locals in Oaxaca, Mexico, celebrate La Noche de Rabanos, or Night of the Radishes. During the festival, contestants carve and sculpt incredible art pieces from radishes. A Christmastime festival that has no match in oddity and creativity anywhere else in Mexico. Wild animals, the Virgin of Guadalupe, mythical creatures and scenes of everyday Oaxacan life are all represented in shades of magenta and cream in the form of local radishes grown solely for the occasion. Entire nativity scenes and elaborately detailed everyday items are carved from the radishes’ splendid tones of white and pink, creating lively scenes from lowly roots. A true artist’s eye is necessary in order to win the contest.

Oaxaca's radish-carving festival: A slice of Mexico | CNN Travel

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