Mexico Trip

After 7 years of not going to Mexico and not seeing my family, I was blessed with the opportunity of being able to go. Seeing my grandma’s face light up with joy and seeing the tears race down her face made me so happy. She cooked me food up right away and made me feel as if I was already back at home. Many don’t know that feeling, but those who do know how good it feels. I went to Cuauhtémoc and was able to see a city that I have never seen before. I got to go with my uncle who has always been there when I need someone to talk to or just advice for life. He has been there but going to the United States to visit me and just really shows he cares for me and being able to see him and have him show me around meant a lot.

One thing that did suck about the trip was that I didn’t get to go to my other grandma’s house and see my grandpa’s big bright smile. I wasn’t able to give a hug to the first person I would always go see in the mornings when I first went to Mexico. Unfortunately, on June 11th of 2018, I lost my grandpa. I wasn’t able to even say bye. When we got to his house, it felt so cold and lonely without the man that was there even before I was barely brought to life. And the trip didn’t really feel complete. Yeah, we went to his grave and everything but it just wasn’t the same. But, on the other hand, the horse that my grandpa saw as a Colt, I was finally able to ride him, even though my grandpa wasn’t able to. It felt good that I was able to do it because it was as if I was in his shoes for a little.

Overall, I would say the trip was fun though, I got to do things that I wasn’t able to 7 years ago and now I can’t wait to go this summer.

THE 10 CLOSEST Hotels to Monumento a Cuauhtemoc, Mexico City - Tripadvisor

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