How to put eyelashes


  1. 20-25mm blinks (eyelashes)
  2. Kiss Strip Lash Adhesive
  3. Tweezers (optional)


  1. Carefully take your eyelashes out of their package and test to see if they fit your eye, if not trim the ends to fit your eye to your desire
  2. Get your lash adhesive and apply to the lash band, try to get extra glue at each end of the lash band, let this dry for 30 seconds or until the adhesive is sticky
  3. Everyone has different preferences on how to actually apply the lash on the eyelid, I personally use a compact mirror and put it under my to I can see under my natural lashes and than place the false lashes right on top.
  4. After just fix the ends and let them dry on your eyelids a little bit and pinch them together with the natural lashes to make them look more natural.

Side note: Others like to use tweezers instead of just their hands but whatever is your preference, everyone does their lashes differently! 🙂

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