~My Fun Weekend~

My sisters birthday was a really fun day, she had turned 8 this year and had fun on her day. We went out to eat at one of our favorite places, El Arceo’s. Its a really good mexican resturant that i would never get tired of. There carne asada is the best! I always get that everytime i go over, i go over there so much that the workers already know my order and dont even have to ask me what i want, i just give them a smile and they immediately know what i want. My sisters face was full of smiles that day and the cake was so good, it was chocolate cake with a baby yoda theme and a ring. She adores yoda for some reason.

My sister would never be quiet about her birthday and how much of a big girl she is becoming, its kinda annoying but its adorable to see her all hyped up and excited. Its like christmas came early for her, it always feels like that for her but who can blame her.

One thought on “~My Fun Weekend~

  1. How fun! I lived 20 minutes from the Mexican border (where my husband and family are from) for over 10 years of my adult life and I’ve had the hardest time finding good Mexican food since moving here a few years ago. I’m so excited to go back and tell my family so we can go try it. It sounds like your sister had a great day! Please tell her happy birthday! Thanks for such a fun read! (:


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