Holidays- Traditions

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Every culture and family has traditions for the holidays. Many of us enjoy certain traditions that others may have never heard of before. I know for my family the holidays are a time to bring everyone together to eat, laugh and enjoy company of loves ones. During Thanksgiving, my mother and I have a tradition of doing an “anti-thanksgiving” meaning we take a trip somewhere and instead of doing the usual Thanksgiving tradition of eating all day. This year we took a trip to Las Vegas to just get away especially after the lockdown with Covid this past year. In other years we have token small trips to Denver and just enjoyed the holiday. Enjoying things that we like to do together like going to new places, being foodies and eating at new restaurants. Spending Thanksgiving, this way is very different from how other families may do but as long as the holiday is spent with love ones and enjoying each others company.

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Christmas traditions also vary from family to family. Depending on what side of the country or what religion you may believe in. Everyone celebrates differently which makes this holiday special and unique. A common tradition is waking kids up early Christmas morning to open presents that Santa left. In my family, there is no belief in Santa. We open presents Christmas Eve gathered in the living room of my great-aunts home, sharing memories and eating bowls of gumbo. We exchange gifts with the family, letting each person know who brought them what gift. Christmas Day, the family gets up early and heads for Christmas service at the church. After church the family spends the day eating and hanging with each other. This different from the traditional family Christmas but this is my tradition that makes my family the way it is.

Don’t be afraid to share your traditions, even if they are different from the traditional holiday traditions. Be proud of your traditions and share them with a world dying to learn about them.

~Zaria Graham C’O 2023 ❤

One thought on “Holidays- Traditions

  1. What beautiful holiday traditions! You made me crave gumbo, even though I’ve only had it once. Thank you for sharing stories of what your beautiful family does during the holidays. 🙂


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