A Chance To Speak Up

By: LiLi R. Sharpe

Hey Harrison’s staff and students, I’m writing today to bring awareness of personal problems/ health. As everyone should have realized by now everyone always has something problematic in their life it can be home, school, or even mental, physical, and emotional health. Nobody’s perfect and you should never down on someone because you have no right to. Everyone goes through something but as long as you can push yourself past it you can make it in the long run. Never let anyone hurt you in any way shape or form because you will always have someone behind you, so speak up and talk to somebody, anybody. As someone once told me “You can’t pour from an empty pot.” So, take a break for any reason you may have and pick yourself up and go at it once you’re ready. Never go to please other but for yourself, you will always have you at the end of the day. So, with that being said, go make that call, text, or letter and check up on those you care about. Have a good rest of your day or night readers.

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